In 2002 robert baird walked into accuscan health imaging middle in salt lake city, utah, because of a minor difficulty approximately a family history of coronary heart ailment and he left mins later with lifesaving information concerning non-symptomatic issues he became blind to and had never considered.  “two surgeries later,” baird exclaims, “i have a brand new rent on lifestyles.”
The two most common causes of loss of life within the usa are cardiovascular disorder and most cancers, accounting for almost 3 out of each 4 deaths in the usa.  Each 30 seconds an american dies of heart ailment whilst one out of two guys and one out of three ladies will increase most cancers, taking a life each ninety seconds.
In less than 15 minutes a computed axial tomography (ct or cat) “complete frame scan” will display screen for the presence of heart ailment, numerous cancers, and different abnormalities.  The whole frame ct scan, the most comprehensive screening method to be had anywhere, seems on the coronary heart and lungs and examines the abdomen for lifestyles-threatening sicknesses together with most cancers of the essential organs, lymphoma and aneurysms.  It can additionally detect benign conditions consisting of arthritis, osteoporosis, kidney stones and gall stones.   The full frame test may be beneficial for people with higher medical dangers, which includes a family history of most cancers or heart ailment, modern and former people who smoke, excessive cholesterol, and all of us with diabetes or excessive blood stress.
In line with the american most cancers society most people with lung cancer have no signs and symptoms in anyway.  Currently most effective 15% of all lung cancers are detected of their early degrees.  And in step with the yankee heart association the primary and handiest caution for most stroke and heart attack sufferers is the real onset of a existence-threatening disaster. Final year over 650,000 american adults died of coronary heart sickness, and almost half of those have been sudden, undiagnosed deaths.
In step with dr. Wendell a. Gibby, md, director of riverwoods imaging and interventional middle in provo, utah, and associate professor of radiology on the college of arizona in tucson, the whole body ct scan presents vital information in figuring out abnormalities and sicknesses of their early tiers.  “numerous research have indicated that early detection of some of sicknesses may significantly growth the chance of recuperation.”
The body experiment is a simple, speedy, and painless technique.  An person really lies on a scanner table at the same time as excessive pace three-D pics are taken. A radiologist then interprets the experiment effects to determine if there are any seen abnormalities.
The whole body test seems at the heart and lungs, the abdomen, consisting of the thoracic and stomach aorta, spleen, adrenal glands, lymph nodes, positive pelvic organs, kidneys, backbone, liver, pancreas, and the gall bladder.  The test is designed to detect early or superior coronary heart disease, vascular ailment, tumors of the lung, kidney, and liver, aortic aneurisms, calcified gallstones, calcified kidney stones, and various abnormalities in the stomach and pelvic areas.  In reality stated, a full body ct test can screen plenty about the interior of you body and can even save your existence.
A full frame scan currently fees within the rage of $600 – $900, relying upon geographical place and medical specialization, and does no longer usually require at medical doctor’s prescription.  For more facts approximately the whole frame ct/cat experiment, call (801) 456-test (7227) or visit www.Accuscanutah.Com